Our Services

Dengue Fever Treatment

We provide effective & economic treatment for Dengue fever patients. We treat Dengue patients without need of platelets.

General Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery, Advance Laproscopic, Bariatric Surgery, Performing Gastro-intestinal and Hepato.


We provide 24 Hours accidental, & emergency services - Orthoscopy, Modular OT, All operations of Orthopaedics.


All services related to Gynaecology, OPD Consulting, Sonography, All procedures done at very subsidised rates.


Our urology services include Consultancy, TURP, URS, PCNL.


Back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulders, cervical pain, Osteoarthritis, joint pain, physiotherapy after total knee replacement and rehabilitation for stroke, paralysis, and cerebral palsy.


Child immunizations, Health monitoring, Nutritional care for kids, General pediatrician guidance and consultancy, Infant vaccinations, Healthy living advice.

Geriatric Care

Impaired vision and hearing loss, Pneumonia, Immobility, Instability, Incontinence and impaired intellect/memory. We provide Elder care options, Skilled nursing facilities, Assisted living facilities, and Hospice as appropriate.

Old Age Care

Free Consultancy, Health care, Independent Living, Assisting Living AC/Non-AC Rooms, Home Care Nursing & Physiotheraphyetc, 50% Subsidized Treatment for Knee Pain, & West Pain, Emergency Care etc.